The lovers of white madness are already rubbing their hands and are preparing their machines for the next season. The first snow is expected to appear in November.

Snowmobile enthusiasts have good information for lovers of snowmobile riding. In November, the first snowfalls will appear in Zakopane and surrounding villages. Negative temperatures will mean that a lot of snow can be left.

Although for driving a snowmobile, you need a well-frosted land, on which there will be a dozen or so centimeters of snow, lovers of this form of active rest can wait for the first driving conditions in less than a month. All thanks to the cooling that is to come to Podhale.

Of course, we can not expect conditions for driving around Podhale. In sunny and lower places, snow can melt quickly. However, there are areas where the snow layer can already be maintained.

One of the places ideal for snowmobiling is the northern slope of Gubałówka and Butorowy Wierch. Shaded slope, often overgrown with forest creates a specific micro – climate, thanks to which snow appears in this area much earlier than in other parts of Podhale.

If we do not have our own vehicle, or we have difficulties with transporting it, we can always use the rental company, which is located between the peaks of Gubałówka and Butorowy Wierch. From here, great snowy areas begin.

However, when choosing a ride, it is worth remembering about ownership. Not all landowners look favorably on the scooter drivers who drive their fields. In such a situation, it is worth using the services of a guide who will be guiding us the route, thanks to which we will avoid unpleasant situations.

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